The Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP) was established in April 2001. Its missions are 1) to take on an active leadership role in the promotion of quality pharmacy education and research to improve health care in Asia and 2) to harmonize core curriculum and academic standards among its member schools of pharmacy.

The organization also serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and strategies in pharmacy education as well as to foster research collaborations among the member pharmacy schools in Asia. Among the activities of AASP are the biennial Education/Practice/Scientific Conference which has been held since 2004, and Pharmacy Deans Forum which aims to address current issues in pharmacy education in Asia that Pharmacy Deans, the Faculty and the academic institutions are confronted with. Both the Conference and the Pharmacy Deans Forum are held biennially, but in alternate years. The 3rd Pharmacy Deans Forum will be held in Tokyo, Japan on 28-29 June 2014 with the theme, Regional Harmonization of Pharmacy Education in Asia. Distinguished speakers will be invited from Asian countries to share their experiences.

We are expecting 100-150 participants from countries all over Asia. The highlighted program include presentations of 1) updated progress for harmonization among ASEAN countries, 2) current pharmacy curricula developments in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan), Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, etc.) and South Asia (India, Pakistan, etc.), and 3) current pharmacy education: its evaluation and revision in Japan.

The Deans Forum will also offer a valuable opportunity for interaction and networking among academia from the different schools of pharmacy in Asia. We look forward to seeing you and many other participants at the 3rd Pharmacy Deans Forum in Tokyo.

Organizing Committee

  • Chair: Dr. Tomoo Itoh, Dean and Professor, Kitasato University
  • Co-chairs: Dr. Ken-ichi Inui, President, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University and
    Dr. Tadahiko Mashino, Vice-President and Professor, Keio University
  • Committee Members: Drs. Akira Hiratsuka (Tokyo University of Pharmacy & Life Sciences),
    Toshiharu Horie (Teikyo Heisei University), Satoko Ishikawa (Keio University), Masawo Kakemi (Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Motoko Kanke (AASP), Masataka Mochizuki (Council on Pharmaceutical Education), Jun-ichiro Murayama (Showa University),
    Hisakazu Ohtani (Keio University), Tomofumi Santa (Tokyo University), Kohji Suda (Council on Pharmaceutical Education) and Motowo Tomita (Council on Pharmaceutical Education) (in alphabetical order)